Operation  Efficiency through Agile & DevOps

Improve Collaboration, Business Agility &
Operation Efficiency through Agile & DevOps.


We help our clients to achieve higher business agility through Agile development process. Agile helps to quickly respond to market opportunities, improve productivity and reduce cost.

At Tekyslab, more than 70% of development engagements are executed using agile principles. Tekyslab has a pool of experienced agile professionals who continuously work to incorporate frameworks and best practices to accelerate software development and delivery. With our proven 2-week sprint plan that includes multiple intermediate builds, we ensure features are built right the very first time. We help clients be Agile.

Benefits Delivered
  • Enable predictable software delivery.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Create high-quality products.
  • Reduce cost.
  • 100% business transparency.
Typical Agile Process Flow
Typical Agile Process Flow
Typical Agile Process Flow

Our expertise in DevOps enables clients to accelerate software delivery. DevOps improves collaboration, efficiency & business agility.

Our DevOps approach helps to bridge the gap between software development, QA and IT operations thereby enabling organization achieve faster releases while improving operation performance significantly.

Benefits Delivered
  • Better collaboration, communication & integration.
  • Enhance operational knowledge into design phase.
  • Create high-quality releases through automation.
  • Continuous feedback.
  • Provide automated environments.
Typical DevOps Process Flow
Typical DevOps Process Flow
Typical DevOps Process Flow