Engagement Summary

Migrating legacy system to cloud enabled system using Microsoft Azure to leverage the benefits of the latest technologies.



  • Identifying the teacher shortage in the remote areas.
  • Migrating legacy system to latest technologies to enhance performance, maintainability.
  • Mobile platform solution for quick access and data submissions.
  • Notifications & updates were not part of old application.
  • Needed Mobile payment integration.
  • Enabling data security.


  • Application is migrated to latest technologies to support scalability and performance.
  • Highly efficient cross platform mobile application to access data and perform required actions from anywhere and anytime.
  • Sends notifications and alerts as per the configuration.
  • Google analytics for better data insight.
  • Mobile payment.
  • Encrypted data while transferring data to and fro from different systems.


  • Teacher shortage areas are easily identified and in turn could mitigate the risks.
  • 30% improvement in deploying human resources in the shortage areas.
  • 10% improvement in the application performance when compared with legacy system.
  • Staff and Students engagement went up 70%.
  • Seamless communication among all the stake holders.
  • Awarded as best company for up to date implementation of latest rules and regulations.
  • More than 200000 users base.

Best Practices

  • Our DevOps approach helped to bridge the gap between software development, QA and IT operations thereby enabling organization achieve faster releases while improving operation performance significantly.
  • Latest cutting-edge technologies and tools helped us to adapt cost effective method to get cross platform app developed and delivered to the market on time.