Digital Transformation of Transportation and Logistics Services


Engagement Summary

A Transportation & Logistics company wanted to create a superior customer and driver experience through mobile technology that reinforces the organization as the leader in transportation solutions.



  • Create superior customer & driver experience through mobile technology.
  • Identify and optimize the existing right-fit solutions that can be integrated in to single fleet app.
  • Enhance value proposition of the organization.
  • Language specific requirements for various countries.
  • Live tracking, notifications & updates.
  • Mobile payment / Fast pass.
  • Manual submission of fuel receipts for Fuel taxes.
  • Roadside assistance with long waiting calls to customer support.


  • Customer can find locations based on their geo-location.
  • Ability to find fuel and their respective prices in the surrounding area or while en route.
  • Ability to track truck, see all trucks in route, schedule maintenance services.
  • Request & track roadside assistance.
  • Automated fuel receipts submission using OCR.
  • One click away roadside assistance with voice and chat bots.
  • Scan vehicle bar code for quick information.
  • Ability to exchange driver, track accidents, view invoices and view analytics.
  • Geotargeted ring fencing, mobile pay, fingerprint login, voice search.


  • Helped organization to become THE leader in transportation solution.
  • Improved customer experience significantly (65% improvement).
  • Helped organization to expand the services to more small and medium fleet owners, drivers and renters. Business expansion jumped 30%.
  • This solution bought additional reasons to believe in the organization by its customers.

Best Practices

  • Xamarin forms with MVVM provided excellent cost effective method to get cross platform app developed and delivered to the market on time.
  • Our DevOps approach helped to bridge the gap between software development, QA and IT operations thereby enabling organization achieve faster releases while improving operation performance significantly.