Case Studies
Efficient & Scalable
Transportation Solution.

Engagement Summary

A Transportation and Logistics company from USA, wanted to create a superior customer and driver experience through latest web & mobile technologies that reinforces the organization as the leader in transportation solutions.


  • Don’t have single and comprehensive solution/platform for customers & drivers. Forcing users to use multiple platforms which is not convenient and user friendly. Too much of backend work to integrate and support operations.
  • Identifying and optimizing the existing right-fit solutions that can be integrated in to single fleet management solution is a challenge.
  • Wants to enhance value proposition of the organization.
  • Need multilingual facility to support various countries.
  • Need live tracking and tracing.
  • Integrate mobile payment / fast pass for quick and hassle-free payments.
  • Need to have seamless communication integration between all the users of the system.


  • Efficient and scalable web and cross-platform mobile applications using latest technologies.
  • Integrated & comprehensive Fleet Management System.
  • Customer can find locations based on their geo-location.
  • Ability to find fuel and their respective prices in the surrounding area or while en-route.
  • Ability to track truck, see all trucks en-route, get live notifications, updates and communication.
  • Schedule & manage truck maintenance services.
  • Request & track roadside assistance.
  • Ability to exchange driver, track accidents, manage breakdown scenarios.
  • Automatic invoices & POD creation and communication.
  • Geotargeted ring fencing, mobile pay, fingerprint login, voice search.
  • In-depth data analysis and reports.
  • Customer feedback, complaints and ratings.


  • Game changing solution for transforming the business through cutting-edge technologies.
  • Helped organization to become THE leader in transportation solution.
  • Great improvement in operations efficiency resulting in workforce and revenue optimization.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Helped organization to expand the services to more small and medium fleet owners, drivers and renters. Business expansion jumped more than 30%.
  • This solution bought additional reasons to believe in the organization by its customers.

Technologies Used

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Solution – Xamarin.Forms with MVVM, OCR, Dialogflow, Firebase ML Kit, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure Cloud and more.
  • Web Application - .Net core, Angular, Azure Cloud, Azure Redis, Azure Functions, GraphQL and more.
  • Our DevOps approach helped to bridge the gap between development, QA and IT operations thereby enabling organization achieve faster time-to-market while improving operation performance significantly.