Case Studies
Inbound Shipment Order Placement
Automation using RPA.

Engagement Summary

A Transportation & Logistics Services organization turned to Tekyslab to help streamline a key aspect of its inbound shipment processing (order creation) that was time consuming, error-prone and yet critical to attenddemand, better turnaround to customers and operate cost effectively.


  • There are 200+ order requests per day. Executives need to create each order separately by entering details in Order Booking form of a software application.
  • Executives takes at least 30-40 minutes to create each order.
  • Executives are able to meet maximum 40% of the requests and remaining 60% order requests were unserved thereby company losing business.
  • Executives also makes many mistakes as he/she enters all the details manually.
  • Higher operations cost, errors in order creation leading to disputes at later stage, huge business loss,and unhappy customers.


  • Bot is developed using RPA UiPath.
  • Bot monitors the FTP and picks the BOL (Bill of Lading) automatically once it is available, process it to extract the required information and creates the order.
  • Bot monitors incoming emails, auto download the BOL attachment, process it to extract the required details and place the order.
  • Machine Learning (ML), Image scraping (OCR) mechanism has been used to extract details from different formats of BOLs. This helps to gain better accuracy and success rate.
  • If required information is not extracted from BOL (failure case), email notification & SMS will be sent to all the concerned people.


  • More than 80% of cases required no human intervention in order creation.
  • 75% resource optimization.
  • Annual savings increased by 2-folds.
  • Able to successfully serve all the request (Getting 200+ orders in a day and all are being served by Bot - 100% coverage).
  • Reduced TAT (Turn Around Time).
  • Supports 8+ different formats of BOL’s.
  • 80% of cases fully automated.
  • 95%+ accuracy in information extraction and order creation.
  • Reduced operations cost, higher productivity, efficient system, lesser disputes and happy customers.

Technologies Used

  • RPA Tool/Platform: UiPath.
  • RPA execution infrastructure setup.
  • Web and Desktop software setup/integration.
  • RPA Processors configuration.
  • RPA Execution Orchestration configuration.
  • Software Bots configuration.
  • RPA Logs/Analytics configuration.